5 greatest German goalkeepers of all time

5. Jens Lehmann

A talented and skilful player as Jens Lehmann isn't assured a permanent place in  team. Constantly fighting for a spot he is the perfect example of the right person at the wrong time.

4. Harald Schumacher

It's impossible mentioning the name Harald Schumacher and not remembering the infamous 1982 FIFA World Cup semi-final between West Germany and France

3. Oliver Kahn

Very few players can boast the fact that they almost single-handedly carried their teams to the finals of a FIFA World Cup.

2. Sepp Maier

In the 1970s, Bayern Munich had their team centred around a trio, called 'The Axis'.

1. Manuel Neuer

he has a unique style of play which occasionally includes him acting as a sweeper for his team by rushing off his line to anticipate opposing forwards who have beaten the offside trap.

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