Neymar’s Saudi Pro-League contract includes eye-popping details, £2.5 million per week in wages, Grand mansion, Eight luxury cars

Neymar’s Saudi Pro-League contract includes eye-popping details, £2.5 million per week in wages, Grand mansion, Eight luxury cars.

Neymar, who recently signed with Al Hilal, is set to enjoy an opulent lifestyle, reportedly residing in a lavish 25-bedroom mansion, among a multitude of other perks.


Al Hilal, a club competing in the Saudi Pro League, made a substantial investment of €90 million (£77.6 million) to secure the services of Brazilian forward Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). The transfer will see Neymar donning the Al Hilal jersey for a two-year tenure. In addition to the colossal financial aspects of his Al Hilal contract, Neymar is said to have negotiated a series of extraordinary privileges, including a staggering £2.5 million-per-week deal.

Neymar's Saudi Pro-League contract includes eye-popping details, £2.5 million per week in wages, Grand mansion, Eight luxury cars

According to a report, Neymar has expressed his desire for three luxury cars exclusively for himself, along with four Mercedes G Wagons for his entourage, and a Mercedes van complete with a dedicated driver. He has even specified the availability of a particular driver at all hours for his personal and familial needs. His requested collection of luxury automobiles encompasses a Bentley Continental GT, an Aston Martin DBX, and a Lamborghini Huracan. Not stopping there, Neymar has also made arrangements to keep his home stocked with Acai juice and Guarana drinks.


Furthermore, Neymar’s provisions include the installation of three saunas within his residence and a sous chef to assist his personal Brazilian chef. In a comprehensive arrangement, all expenses incurred during his stays at hotels, dining establishments, and travel will be borne by Al Hilal.


Reportedly, the Saudi property designated for Neymar boasts an impressive 25 rooms and a swimming pool. During his stint at Al Hilal, the 31-year-old is projected to earn a staggering £173.8 million annually. This lucrative contract ranks Neymar as the third highest-earning footballer in the Saudi Pro League, trailing behind the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema.


As Neymar embarks on this new chapter, he is set to encounter formidable opponents like Ronaldo and Benzema. Reflecting on this new venture, Neymar remarked, “It is exciting, meeting top-quality players on the other teams thrills you and motivates you to play even better.”


Neymar’s journey to Al Hilal follows his role as the world’s most expensive footballer, achieved when he transferred from Barcelona to PSG in 2017. After an impactful tenure with PSG, during which he scored 118 goals in 173 appearances, Neymar now stands ready to embrace fresh challenges in Saudi Arabia.

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